About the Show

C’est WOW (Original French version)
Educational Math & Geometry Series
6-9 year-olds
2 Seasons – 29 x 30’ episodes
Format Rights available

LOOK KOOL is a zany show about geometry, jam-packed with skits, songs, cartoons, and 3D special effects. Our host, Hamza, and his mischievous robot cat show viewers how math is in everything around us, from broccoli, to music, to beaver dams. In every episode real kids help Hamza solve a mathematical mystery:  How come triangle shapes are so strong? What does music have in common with pizza? How do you fit really big objects in really small spaces? Kids build stuff, and break stuff, and even get soaked by water balloons to help Hamza find the answers.

LOOK for brain-bending puzzles, KOOL hands-on experiments and totally wacky challenges, all in the name of math, on LOOK KOOL.

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Play Games: http://www.tvokids.com/games/lookkool


Acquisitions Contact: Mindy Laxer (mindy@apartment11.tv)



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