Mystery Hunters DVD « Beastly Beings and Monstrous Mysteries »

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Great news Mystery Hunters fans: our first DVD entitled « Beastly Beings and Monstrous Mysteries » is being released September 18, 2007! To purchase a copy log on to or The DVD includes exclusive bonus content! Christina, Araya and Dave sit down and answer questions about creepy creatures, their favourite moments and what they really think of each other in a never-before-seen interview. Also, find out what Araya, Christina and Dave have to say about the episodes today, in brand new audio commentary recorded specially for this DVD.

Could the dinosaurs have been wiped out by an asteroid from space? Is Imhotep – believed to be a superhero when he lived – now a monstrous mummy? Is there really a giant, smelly half-human, half-ape hiding out in the Florida everglades? Does the legendary Bigfoot exist? Is there a prehistoric sea-monster lurking in the deep, dark waters of Loch Ness? Does a screaming beast called the Dungarvon Whooper really haunt the forests of New Brunswick?

Join Araya and Christina as they investigate these beastly beings and monstrous mysteries, and strap yourself in for lots of hairy surprises along the way! Plus Doubting Dave shows you how to make your own Bigfoot footprints and a Lake Monster video to fool your friends!

Mystery Hunters is produced in association with YTV, Discovery Network, and Discovery Kids and with the participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund.

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