Science Property, Finding Stuff Out, Returns with Season 4 and a Brand New Host

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What makes stuff stick? How cold can it get? What was life like for a cave kid? There is still a lot to be found out about the world around us. Exploring the world from a scientific perspective, science favourite Finding Stuff Out’s fourth season goes into production this summer and episodes will introduce new host, Jenna, Harrison’s little sister, to audiences.

Geared towards kids ages six to nine, Finding Stuff Out will be finding out more answers to kids’ questions with the help of paleontologists, scientists and engineers, who will give viewers more insight into the many and varied opportunities in the STEAM fields. Finding Stuff Outsupports Ontario’s “Creating Pathways to Success” a program mandated to designed ensure students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed career and life choices.

Season 4 will have 13 episodes with hands-on experiments and will introduce a video-chat segment with kid experts around the country who will help Jenna to find the answers to her questions.

“We’re really excited for the production of the fourth season of Finding Stuff Out,” said Marney Malabar, Director, Kids TV, TVO. “TVOKids allows kids to continue learning once class gets out, further helping them to develop key skills and knowledge about the world around them. Finding Stuff Out’s new episodes will give kids even more ways to sharpen their inquiry skills while learning about science in the process.”

Finding Stuff Out is produced with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Shaw Rocket Fund, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, The Quebec tax Credit Program administered by SODEC and that Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

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