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The independent, Montreal-based creative hub has produced more than 300 hours of scripted and non-scripted programming. Most recently, partnering with Cirque du Soleil on Big Top Academy, a 52 x 30’ live-action fiction series for Discovery Kids and TVOKids.  Set in a circus arts boarding school, Big Top Academy tells the story of an extraordinary group of young acrobats who dream of becoming professional circus artists.

Preeminent at developing and producing high value entertainment, Apartment 11 is proud to have created ratings hits such as Prank Patrol (YTV), one of Canada’s first kids’ series to be formatted and sold to multiple territories, including CBBC and ABC Australia, Mystery Hunters (Discovery Kids, YTV), which was broadcast worldwide on Discovery and formatted in India, the reality competition series In Real Life (YTV) and Rank the Prank (CBBC, Nickelodeon).

Taking an entertaining approach to learning, Apartment 11 is also recognized for education-focused series such as Finding Stuff Out (TVOKids), a series that encourages kids to investigate questions that matter to them, Look Kool (C’est Wow!) (TVOKids, TFO), a series that uses songs and skits to make geometry and math fun, The Mystery Files (TVOKids), a series that uses mystery to illuminate history and most recently, Raven’s Quest (TVOKids), a series that features first-person stories told by Indigenous children from across the country and The Wacky Word Show (TVOKids), a literacy series that inspires kids to have fun with words and language.

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