About the Game

Hide N Orbit:
Ella is playing hide and seek with Mahdu! Jump from planet to planet using Ella’s Moonscooter as you journey through the solar system to find your friend and discover amazing things about deep space!

Join Ella at the Clubhouse and peer through her fandangled DIY space junk InterstELLARscope in search of wild constellations! You’ll never know what (or who) you might find by connecting the stars!

Special Delivery:
Slippy is doing special interstellar deliveries to his friends. Choose your racer and collect all the items before you run out of propellant!

Racer Workshop:
Slippy set up Racer Workshop inside the Clubhouse with lots of parts to build racers to test. Customize your own space racer and zoom through space to see how it performs! Collect materials to build new parts for your racer!


Play Hide N Orbit on TVOKids
Play Hide N Orbit on SRC (in French)
Play Constellations on TVOKids
Play Constellations on SRC (in French)
Play Special Delivery on TVOKids
Play Special Delivery on SRC (in French)
Play Race Workshop on TVOKids
Play Race Workshop on SRC (in French)


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