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app_store_availableCapturing the fun of the global hit television series Prank PatrolPrank Patrol: Prank Party is a fast-paced, action-filled iOS card game in which players use and lose cards building up hilarious prank blueprints. Featuring ninjas, robots, and other wacky characters, it’s a race to see who scores the most points with the best prank attacks!

Collect and play cards with wacky characters, insane tricks, hilarious prank ideas, must-have props and even sneaky ninjas! Pranksters use their cards to build up prank blueprints, where only certain combinations work. Each character contributes to high scoring pranks- in some cases, a dinosaur, baby or an alien might be needed! With the right cards in hand, it’s a race to see who gets pranked first!

And watch out for ninjas because they could mean trouble. Surprises are definitely the best part of this game – Pranksters never know what’s going to happen next!

Some of the game’s key highlights include:

  1. Play against family and friends (up to 6 players) on the same wireless network, pass and play on the same device, or go solo against some “heartless” robots (they don’t have bodies either!)
  2. Games are customizable: avatars, player names, and custom point limits make for a different game every time!
  3. Awesome prank blueprints like Genius Gorilla, Dino Discovery and Alien Invasion.
  4. No in-app purchases or advertising

Available for iPhone® 3GS, 4, 4s, and 5

Ages 8+




phantom_compassGame Developer and Co-Producer

shaw_rocket_fundProduced with financial participation

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