About the Game

The Look Kool digital experience is comprised of an interactive website featuring six brain-bending games, online activities and bonus educational videos called Kool Things To Try. The games not only allows kids to further explore fun concepts from the series but includes web-only content designed to entertain and give them a chance to develop their spatial reasoning skills first-hand.

The Construct/Deconstruct game builds on animation created for the TV series while putting control over solving the puzzles into the hands of  kids. Players can test their geometry skills by constructing and deconstructing everyday objects from their basic shapes.

Cube It! invites kids to solve puzzles to fuel a rocket to help Koolkatt escape a black hole! Players run and jump through a 2D platforming environment to find and solve puzzles that revolve around ‘mathematical nets’.

For Good Measure challenges the player to use both lateral and spatial thinking to solve a series of crazy measurements. The premise is simple, but the execution is a challenge!

Origamey takes the complexities of origami and mixes it with the challenge of puzzle solving. The goal of the game is decide the fold a square piece of paper to make it into a specific shape. Some are simple enough, like a boat. Others become more complex.

In Stick It 2 Ya! players navigate through a series of increasingly challenging stick puzzles that require spatial, lateral and logical problem solving. Can you solve these apparently simple yet mind-bending riddles?

In Koolkatt on the Go players travel with Koolkatt, the toaster cat character from the TV series, on his adventures to new and exciting environments.  The game features a series of 4 visual logic and reasoning puzzles that challenge players to solve them by playing with the objects of the puzzles themselves. There are 4 mini-games to create a single Koolkatt on the Go experience, which include

  • River Crossing
  • Out to Pasture
  • The Frog Puzzle
  • Stack Em Up!

The site offers a mobile friendly version of all games so that users on a variety of platforms can join in the fun! There are also downloadable activities and worksheets available to players who want to put their math skills to the rest at home.


Play Games: http://www.tvokids.com/games/lookkool



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