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The Finding Stuff Out Online Season 5 game immerses the player in Zoey’s kooky universe: Zoey’s Worlds! In this arcade/action game, reality is blurred with her imagination as she plunges into worlds that represent different subjects she likes exploring, and puts the player’s skills to the test!

The game is composed of four different worlds in which the player guides Zoey through different missions and helps her collect items in order to solve the challenging puzzles at the end.

In Farm Frenzy, Zoey’s mini farm was hit by a huge storm that blew everything around and made a huge mess. The animals are escaping and one of Zoey’s farm machines is broken. But which one? Players must complete various tasks to get Furball Farmstead back in order and ultimately reassemble the machine, which Zoey realizes is her “Zoey-3000 eggstrodinary egg sorting machine”.

In Mud Mania, Zoey found out that you can build a house out of mud, so she’s enlisting players’ help to collect items and eventually build a mud brick house, which she calls Mud Manor.

In Flood Patrol, spring has come early. The snow is melting fast and the rain hasn’t let up. If it keeps going, Zoey’s house might get totally flooded! Zoey needs players’ help to save her research and gadgets and protect her house.

Finally, in Cyborg City, Zoey found out that prosthetics are replacement limbs for people who were born without arms or legs or lost them in accidents. Even though they don’t give people superpowers, she’s discovered that scientists are working on things that just might give us super bionic powers in the not-too-distant future!

While having fun helping Zoey, players also discover cool information that Zoey passes along in her usual playful, funny way. Examples: Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world and one of the tallest palm trees comes from Colombia and can grow to be almost 5 times taller than the tallest dinosaur ever!

Join Zoey in Farm Frenzy, Mud Mania, Flood Patrol and Cyborg City and help her save the world using science!


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Nomination – Best Cross-Platform Project Children’s and Youth



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