About the Game

Mystery Files HQ is a clever and fun online adventure game in which players become agents and along with E.B, Kyla and Aunt Tilly, look for clues and solve mystery case files.

After creating a simple profile, players choose a mystery they’d like to investigate. All available mysteries are listed, each with a thematic category, eye catching image, and a short blurb introducing the central question or mystery. Additional mysteries are unlocked as the player progresses in the game.

Each mystery begins with a Webcam message from the TV characters introducing them to the objects that are part of the case. Then it is up to the player who now becomes an agent, to look for more clues and to identify the objects and ultimately, uncover the mystery behind them solving the case.

Clues are presented using various tools such as Webcam conversations and emails with the TV characters, web searches and website pages. It goes without saying that all of these online tools are safe for kids to use and although they are meant to mimic real life, they are scripted and age appropriate. Players interact directly with the TV characters and with the online tools, however, their privacy is protected as no player information in stored online.

Once clues are found, cases are solved via puzzle-type games that are engaging and dynamic. The games reinforce the information communicated and evoke players’ problem solving skills.

The subjects covered in the eight mystery cases are diverse and appeal to many different interests. They are written to be as entertaining, as they are educational. From the history of a popular lunch item to space travels, there is something for everyone. Mystery Files Interactive will create a lot of “Oh really” and “Ahhh” moments for kids and their parents who, we guarantee will learn something new with each mystery.


Play Games: http://www.tvokids.com/games/mysteryfiles



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