Apartment 11 Productions’ Prank Patrol Format Acquired by ABC Australia

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Apartment 11 Productions is pleased to announce that the format of their hit series, Prank Patrol, has been acquired by ABC Australia and will begin airing in early December on ABC3, its new children’s digital and online channel, as well as on ABC1. The Australian version of the series will be produced by Melbourne-based active TV. This is the second time the Prank Patrol format has been acquired, the BBC having been the first to format it. The series is currently airing in Canada on YTV, and in the United Kingdom on the CBBC.

Prank Patrol is a hilarious series where lucky viewers get to create, build and execute a big-time prank! In their customized “SpyVan”, our fun-loving host and two prank-loving Ninjas, take the Prankster to the skilled people who can help them put together and pull off the prank of a lifetime. In each episode, we meet a new prankster who is on a mission to prank someone they know – either an individual or a group. These “targets” all deserve to be pranked! But to find out how and why, kids have to tune in!

Prank Patrol is distributed internationally by LA-based Marvista Entertainment.

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