Apartment 11’s Math Series Look Kool’s Season Two Premieres September 5th on TVOKids

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Why is the number 7 lucky? How do you talk to computers? Can you really make music using fractions? Bet you didn’t know the answers could be found in geometry! The second season of LOOK KOOL is here and set to air Monday September 5th at 6pm ET on TVOKids, with repeats on Saturdays at 10:30 am ET and Sundays at 12:30 pm ET. This season will be jam-packed with skits, songs, cartoons, 3D special effects, and will engage young audiences with fascinating discoveries, helping them to learn about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), core skills that build a solid foundation for inside and outside the classroom.

Apartment 11 will also be launching 4 online games, in partnership with the Toronto-based digital studio, Relish Interactive. These 4 individual mini-games will be released over the course of the season and will gamify different aspects of STEAM. The first game, “For Good Measure” will be available Tuesday, September 6th here http://www.tvokids.com/games/lookkool.

LOOK KOOL is co-produced with TVO with the support of the Shaw Rocket Fund, CMF and the Bell Fund. 9 Story Media Group distributes the series internationally.

For TV scheduling information visit: http://tvo.org/schedule.

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