In Real Life Nominated for Shaw Rocket Prize

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Apartment 11 Productions is pleased to announce that their newest hit series, In Real Life, has been nominated for the 2010 Shaw Rocket Prize.

The Shaw Rocket Prize, now in its sixth year, is awarded to the best independently produced Canadian children’s, youth, or family program.

Entries are judged by two juries: first, an international jury of top buyers from around the world will pick the top three to five programs out of the entries; then a jury of kids from across Canada will screen the finalist programs and vote for the $50,000 prize winner.


In Real Life follows 18 kids from across the country in a spirited reality competition series involving hands-on experiences. On this show, kidscan touch! And they have to in order to complete each episode’s challenges and race to the finish to avoid facing elimination. They find out just what it takes to be a NASCAR driver, Hollywood stunt person, Navy SEAL, and more! Part heart-pounding race, part intense skill competition, each contestant must avoid elimination by winning a variety of hands-on challenges that range from the ultra glamorous to the ultra disgusting to the ultra dare-devil. From super-fast NASCAR racing and outrageous Hollywood stunts, to learning to use the Jaws of Life, comedian Sabrina Jalees leads the kids through each mind-blowing challenge. The ultimate goal? College tuition money plus an all expense paid family vacation.

The episodes that will be judged by the two juries are Hollywood Stunt Performers and Pilots.

In Hollywood Stunt Performers, challengers land in L.A. and arrive at Paramount Pictures’ historic back lot to become daredevil Hollywood stunt stars. In a thrilling, action-packed sequence, the challengers must chase down a bad guy, build a tricky breakaway stool and then flawlessly perform a fight scene complete with fake-out punches and real dialogue.

In Pilots, the finale episode, contenders learn to fly! First, by hurling themselves off a cliff paragliding in La Jolla, California, then graduating to real fighter planes when they take the stick of their own L39 jets over the Mojave Desert in the ultimate real-world dogfight that will determine the Grand Prize Winner.

Season one of the series was produced in association with YTV Canada Inc. and with the participation of the Shaw Rocket, Canadian Television Fund, CAVCO, and SODEC.

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