New eco-focused series Green Squad premieres and Sunny’s Quest returns for second season

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Apartment 11 original series Green Squad and Sunny’s Quest season two premiere on TVOkids.

Montreal, Quebec (Sept 19, 2023)Green Squad, a brand-new environmentally-focused series, is premiering this month, along with a new second season of Sunny’s Quest.

Green Squad follows five passionate and environmentally-savvy teen hosts as they challenge motivated kids and their families to make eco-friendly lifestyle changes at home or in their communities. Each episode sees the five Green Squad members answer a call for help from a young person eager to make a positive environmental impact.

The Green Squad leads the children through different earth-friendly missions, including thrifting second-hand items to make a unique Halloween costume, making homemade sports drinks to cut down on single-use plastic bottles for a thirsty hockey team, and pitching the town council to paint a mural with a green message. Once the children have had time to put their new-found skills into practice, the Squad checks in on their progress and encourages their perseverance.

New episodes of Sunny’s Quest season two will also be released this month, taking viewers on a captivating journey through the eyes of Black children from across Canada. Each episode unveils a unique perspective, exploring their day-to-day lives, hobbies, talents, and rich heritage.

In this season’s adventures, we meet a 10-year-old Canadian hockey prodigy from Halifax, Nova Scotia, whose family hails from Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. We also encounter twin 8-year-old Nigerian immigrant girls, who explore the history of Black Nova Scotians at the Africville Museum. Additionally, we are introduced to an 8-year-old Canadian-Eritrean girl residing in Orléans, Ottawa, with her family, who is passionate about science, soccer, and upholding her family’s Eritrean traditions.

Green Squad and Sunny’s Quest season two premiere on TVOkids and TVOkids YouTube.

Watch the Green Squad trailer:

Catch episodes of Green Squad on TVOkids and TVOkids YouTube.

Watch the Sunny’s Quest trailer:

Catch episodes of Sunny’s Quest season two on TVOkids and TVOkids YouTube.

Green Squad and Sunny’s Quest are also made with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit.

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