Raven’s Quest, Sunny’s Quest, and Wacky Media Songs nominated for Awards of Excellence!

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Montreal, Quebec (April 5, 2023) – Apartment 11 receives three Youth Media Alliance award nominations for Raven’s Quest, Sunny’s Quest and Wacky Media Songs.

Best Program, Live Action Non-Scripted – Ages 6-9
Raven’s Quest

Best Program, Live Action Non-Scripted – Ages 6-9
Sunny’s Quest

Best Program, Short Form – Ages 6+
Wacky Media Songs

Raven’s Quest features first-person profiles of Indigenous kids across Canada. Each episode showcases a different child and their unique perspective on their day-to-day hobbies, their talents, and First Nations, Métis or Inuit practices. This season’s adventures include: racing war canoes and going for a quad ride in British Columbia; honouring the water in a special ceremony and jingle dress dancing in Ontario; playing the fiddle using the “Métis broken style” and growing giant pumpkins in Manitoba; and smudging before a tobacco ceremony and racing in the pool in Québec.

Sunny’s Quest features first-person stories told by Black children from across the country. The series features a different child in each episode, showcasing their personal perspective on their day-to-day hobbies, their talents, and heritage. This season’s adventures include: a Canadian Haitian gymnast and future Olympic hopeful, a half Jamaican and part Indigenous boy who dreams of being a professional hip hop dancer, and an African Nova Scotian/Guyanese and European descendent who is following in his family’s footsteps to advocate for racial equality.

Wacky Media Songs is a series of songs about digital and media literacy. Performed by Ava Ro, each song is a wacky, fun-filled number that explores advertising, the internet, social media and much more. Based on the Ontario curriculum, the songs inspire kids to have fun and get curious about media literacy while singing along to the catchiest, coolest tunes.

The goal of the Youth Media Alliance (YMA) is to promote youth programming of the highest quality. For over forty years, the YMA has bestowed its Awards of Excellence for the best Canadian children’s programming content on all screens. The Awards honour the outstanding achievements from the past two years of Canadian television programming, digital content and interactive projects for youth.

Winners will be announced on May 31, 2023.

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