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Apartment 11 Productions in collaboration with TVOKids is seeking young people, ideally between the ages of 9 and 14, who want free help making their lifestyle more environmentally friendly and don’t mind being on TV!

But changing habits isn’t always easy. We want to hear the changes you’d like to make and the challenges you’ll face to get to your end goal.

Perhaps you love the idea of planting a pollinating garden and want to learn how to garden.  Maybe you love shopping and want to see how you can waste less without giving anything up. Or you want to go vegan but don’t want to complicate your family’s meal plans.  Or you want to reduce the amount of garbage you throw out every week.

We encourage you to talk to your family about the ways your whole household could be greener and share your ideas with us.

Dream big or dream small —  tell us how or why you would like your life to be a little greener!

Send us an email, or better yet a video to: theLBDsquad@gmail.com


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